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Frequently Asked Questions


What is 1Team?

1Team is the first employee benefits program of its kind in New Zealand! We are dedicated to helping businesses provide their employees with the best possible benefits, in a flexible, affordable and easy-to-use way. 

Receiving error message that your membership or employee number is used on too many devices

Please contact your app administrator to reset your devices

What's the difference between Perk and Perk+?

Perk is available as a complimentary feature on tailored apps, the 1Team app, and select suppliers featured on discount cards. Perk has access to over 30 offers from New Zealand retailers nationwide. Upgrade to Perk+ and get access to around 1000 bonus offers with an extensive selection of benefits across various categories such as dining, entertainment, travel, retail, movies, and experiences.

I've forgotten my password?

Visit the login screen and select Forgot Password. For assistance, please call our help desk.

How many deals do I get access to?

This can vary depending on the solution, if you have the app you get access to over 30 deals, and you have the option to upgrade and unlock extra bonus offers with Perk+. 

Who do I call for app support?

Whether you are an admin requiring support with the App or dashboard, or an app user requiring assistance, you can call our help desk on 07 823 7979 for free support

How do I redeem a deal?

Simply show your discount card or app when making a purchase or follow the instructions in your app. 

How do I find my membership or unique ID?

Your unique ID maybe your membership number, staff ID, employee number, or email address. If you are unsure, please contact your 1Team administrator or call our help desk.


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