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Corporate Perks


Corporate perks play a vital role in attracting top talent, boosting employee morale, and creating a positive work environment. Explore common perks in NZ workplaces.

1. Health and Wellness Benefits:

Many companies in New Zealand understand the importance of employee well-being. As such, they provide comprehensive health and medical benefits to their employees. This can include health insurance coverage, dental and vision plans, and access to wellness programs. Additionally, some companies may offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to provide counseling and support services to employees facing personal or work-related challenges.

2. Flexible Work Arrangements:

Work-life balance is a significant consideration for modern employees, and companies in New Zealand recognize this. Flexible work arrangements, such as flexible work hours and remote work options, are increasingly being offered to help employees manage their personal and professional lives more effectively.

3. Paid Time Off:

Employees in New Zealand typically enjoy paid time off, including annual leave, public holidays, sick leave, and parental leave. These paid leave benefits allow employees to take time off to rest, travel, spend time with family, or handle personal matters.

4. Retirement Savings Plans:

In line with New Zealand's retirement savings focus, many companies offer KiwiSaver, a voluntary savings scheme designed to help employees save for their retirement. Employers often contribute a matching percentage of the employee's contributions, providing an additional financial incentive for long-term planning.

5. Professional Development Opportunities:

 Investing in employee growth and skills development is a priority for progressive companies in New Zealand. Corporate perks may include access to training and development programs, workshops, and educational opportunities to support employees' career advancement.

6. Employee Recognition Programs:

Recognising and rewarding employee achievements is crucial for maintaining a motivated and engaged workforce. Many companies implement employee recognition programs, such as performance-based bonuses, awards, or regular appreciation events.

7. Subsidised or Free Meals: 

Some companies go the extra mile by offering subsidised or free meals to their employees during work hours. This perk not only contributes to employee satisfaction but also promotes a sense of community within the workplace.

8. Employee Discounts: 

Employees may enjoy discounts on company products or services, or access to partner discounts with various retailers and service providers.

9. Wellness Initiatives: 

Wellness programs are gaining popularity in New Zealand workplaces. Companies may organise fitness challenges, provide gym memberships, or host wellness events to encourage employees to prioritise their health and well-being.

It's essential to remember that corporate perks can vary significantly from one company to another. The specific benefits offered depend on the size of the company, industry, and its resources. Additionally, as the employment landscape continuously evolves, new and innovative perks may emerge.

In conclusion, corporate perks in New Zealand play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining talent, as well as fostering a positive work culture. Companies that prioritize the well-being and development of their employees often find that their workforce is more engaged, productive, and dedicated.

Are you ready to explore exciting career opportunities with companies that value their employees and offer outstanding corporate perks? Make sure you choose the right workplace for you!

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