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Corporate Discounts


Discover 1Team's Industry leading corporate discounts program. Empower your employees with exclusive savings at NZ's leading stores and online retailers.

Unlock a World of Unbeatable Savings:

With 1Teams Corporate Discounts Program, employees gain access to a vast network of exclusive discounts at a variety of stores and online retailers. From everyday purchases to special treats, our program delivers unparalleled savings on a diverse selection of products and services.

Benefits of the Program:

Easy and Convenient: Accessing the discounts is seamless and convenient. Employees can easily shop online or present their tailored app at partner stores to enjoy exclusive savings.

Diverse Savings Options: Our program caters to diverse preferences and needs. Whether it's shopping, travel, entertainment, technology, or wellness, our discounts cover a wide range of categories.

No Financial Burden: The Corporate Discounts Program demonstrates our commitment to rewarding your employees without the need for financial strain or a company-wide pay rise

At 1Team, we believe that a happy and motivated workforce drives success.  Offering Corporate Discounts is one of the many ways to show appreciation to your employees and create a workplace where they feel valued.

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