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Unlocking Staff Discounts: A Guide for NZ Employers

Staff Discounts: A Powerful Tool to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Staff discounts can be crucial in a competitive job market because they attract and retain top talent while enhancing your organisation's competitiveness. This guide explores the advantages of including these perks as part of your employee benefits package, the implementation of a successful discount scheme, and how to ensure your employees fully benefit.

Why Staff Discounts Matter

Offering staff discounts is beneficial for employers and employees, leading to improved job satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.

What are the Benefits of Staff Discounts for Employers?

Staff discounts offer a range of benefits for employers, including:

  1. Improved Employee Engagement and Retention

  2. Strengthened Employer Branding and Attraction of Top Talent

  3. Increased Employee Productivity and Morale

  4. Enhanced Financial Security and Wellbeing for Employees

How do Staff Discounts Impact Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty?

By offering staff discounts, employers can demonstrate their commitment to their employees' financial well-being and overall job satisfaction. When employees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to be engaged, productive, and loyal to the organisation. Staff discounts can help alleviate financial stress and provide access to products and services that may otherwise be unaffordable, thereby contributing to enhanced financial security and wellbeing for employees.

Designing an Effective Staff Discount Scheme

A well-designed staff discount scheme can make a significant difference in employee satisfaction and retention.

What Should be Included in a Comprehensive Discount Programme?

An effective staff discount programme should include a range of discounts on products and services, such as:

  1. Retail Discounts (e.g., clothing, electronics, home goods)

  2. Travel Discounts (e.g., flights, accommodation, car rentals)

  3. Leisure and Entertainment Discounts (e.g., gym memberships, movie tickets, events)

  4. Discounts on Professional Development and Training Opportunities

How Can Employers Negotiate the Best Deals with Suppliers?

Building strong relationships with suppliers and negotiating mutually beneficial agreements is crucial for offering a robust staff discount programme. Employers should leverage their purchasing power and seek exclusive discounts, volume-based pricing, and other incentives. This can be achieved by:

  1. Leveraging bulk purchasing power to secure better rates

  2. Establishing long-term partnerships with suppliers

  3. Offering reciprocal promotions or exposure for suppliers

Alternatively, employers can sign up for pre-existing discount programmes like 1Team, where all the hard work of negotiating deals and managing the scheme is done for you.

What Policies and Procedures Should be Established?

Developing clear policies and procedures for the staff discount programme is essential. This includes defining eligibility criteria, communication strategies, and processes for accessing and redeeming discounts.

Promoting and Communicating the Staff Discount Scheme

Communicating the details of the staff discount programme effectively is crucial for its success.

How Can Employers Effectively Communicate the Staff Discount Programme?

Effective communication is key to ensuring employees are aware of and utilise the staff discount programme. Strategies may include:

  1. Dedicated Staff Discount Web Page or Portal

  2. Regular Email Updates and Newsletters

  3. Onboarding and Training Sessions for New Employees

  4. Visible Signage and Posters in the Workplace

What Role Can Advocates Play in Promoting Employee Discounts?

Encouraging employees to become advocates for the staff discount programme can significantly increase awareness and engagement. Employees can share their experiences and recommendations with their colleagues, fostering a culture of shared benefits. Employee advocates can promote discounts by:

  1. Sharing success stories and personal experiences with discounts

  2. Creating user-generated content on social media platforms

  3. Participating in referral programmes that reward advocacy

Maximising the Impact of Staff Discounts

Employers can take additional steps to ensure the staff discount programme is effective.

How Can Employers Ensure Employees Fully Utilise the Discounts?

To maximise the impact of staff discounts, employers should:

  1. Provide Guidance and Resources on Accessing and Redeeming Discounts

  2. Monitor Utilisation Rates and Gather Feedback from Employees

  3. Continuously Expand and Enhance the Discount Programme Based on Employee Needs

Monitoring utilisation rates and gathering feedback from employees is crucial for refining and improving the discount programme over time. This data can be used to identify popular discounts, address any issues with the programme, and tailor the offerings to better meet the needs and preferences of employees.

What Other Employee Benefits Can Complement Staff Discounts?

Staff discounts can be even more effective when combined with other employee benefits, such as:

  1. Flexible Work Arrangements

  2. Professional Development Opportunities

  3. Health and Wellness Programmes

  4. Retirement and Financial Planning Assistance


Staff discounts are a powerful tool for New Zealand employers looking to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

By offering a comprehensive discount programme, employers can demonstrate their commitment to their employees' financial well-being and overall job satisfaction. To unlock the full potential of staff discounts, employers should focus on designing an effective programme, promoting it effectively, and integrating it with other employee benefits.

Alternatively, employers can sign up for pre-existing discount programmes like 1Team to streamline the process and ensure maximum impact. By doing so, they can create a more engaged, productive, and loyal workforce, ultimately driving the success of their organisation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Staff discounts offer a range of benefits for employers, including improved employee engagement, strengthened employer branding, and enhanced financial security for employees.

  • Effective staff discount programmes should include a variety of discounts on products, services, and professional development opportunities.

  • Establishing clear policies and procedures, as well as effective communication strategies, is essential for the successful implementation of a staff discount scheme.

  • Encouraging employee advocacy and integrating staff discounts with other employee benefits can maximise the impact and utilisation of the discount programme.

  • Monitoring utilisation rates and gathering feedback from employees is key to refining and improving the discount programme over time.

  • Employers can choose to design their own discount scheme or sign up for pre-existing programmes like 1team to streamline the process and ensure success.

  • By investing in a well-designed and effectively communicated staff discount programme, New Zealand employers can gain a competitive edge in the job market and foster a more satisfied, loyal, and productive workforce.


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